Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sunday, a day off and a day to catch up on the home front chores. I also usually find some time to stitch. :)))) Today I stitched on This Is The Day by Hands To Work which is in an issue of Just Cross Stich magazine. I scanned a picture of it a few days ago and shall include it. Today I finished up the end of the house and started on the main body of it.

Today I uploaded 5 new albums to the IPod. Need to get it ready to go for vacation. I also purchased some books for the Kindle, so I will have something to read on vacation. I am trying to plan ahead, so that I will be ready and not do everything at the last minute. I looked through some stitching WIP today, trying to decide what I should take, so if I have some down time on vacation I will have something with me to stitch on. I do remember I didn't get much stitching time in the last time we visited, but I still want to have at least one project with me, just in case. Have to be prepared!

Hope everyone had a great day today!