Monday, February 23, 2009


Today I finally made it down to the LNS to pick up some stuff from Market. I got quite a few nice things. I got the new Crescent Colours, the new WDW floss, Blue Ribbons Hugs & Kisses, Love by Waxing Moon, A & E and Cape Cod Girls by The Primitive Needle and by Shakespeare Peddler, A Weary World Rejoices. I also got the fabric and floss kit for this. Almost forgot about the Blackbird Small Token. At least I am doing my part to stimulate the economy. LOL

I did manage to finish Simply Live by The Primitive Needle. Still need to take a picture of it to post. My camera needs to be charged(as I found out at grandson's birthday party yesterday) Ugh! I love the way it turned out!

We celebrated Nicholas's 7th birthday at The Ultimate Pizza place yesterday. I swear you can go broke there. It's similar to Dave and Buster's except that the food is buffet style all you can eat and then they have all the games. It's more for kids than Dave & Busters is.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The weekend

I didn't get very far on my latest stitching project and I have already started another one. LOL I am stitching Simply Live by The Primitive Needle and am really enjoying it. I am using the fabric and floss that it calls for except insead of 40 ct fabric I am using 32 ct.
We really had a winter storm this week and got 7 inches of snow. Of course I had to go to work on the days that this was all happening. Hate going out in it. Would have rather been able to sit at home and stitch and just watch the snow fall.
Will be going to see the grandkids this weekend. Haven't seen them in a few weeks, so it's time for a visit. Nicholas hasn't had school all week because of the weather. He will probably be ready to go back on Monday.
Sunday I plan on watching the Super Bowl and cheering for the Cardinals. Hope that Kurt Warner gets to win another Super Bowl.
Hope everyone is safe in warm this weekend and gets to spend some time doing what you like.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Updated my page

I am trying a new look. If I can remember I will try to update my look for each holiday/season. I love the way so many blogs have such great backgrounds and looks, but never knew how to do them myself until I noticed that a couple of friends had lizzie grace backgrounds on thier blogs. So I guess you can say that I copied off of them, but I don't think they will mind since I didn't use the same backgrounds as them. LOL
I have been stitching on This Is The Day a sampler that is in the Just Cross Stitch magaine this month. Hopefully I can get a picture of it soon to post here. The Lizzie Kate email loop that I am in are doing a stitchalong on the Blue Ribbon Peppermint Twist piece and after much urging from all of them, I have decided to do it also. Still have to get my supplies, so not sure when I will actually get started on it.
The AZ Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. Kurt Warner was the quarterback when the STL Rams went to the Super Bowl, so he is still a favorite here and since DD lives in AZ, that's who we will be cheering on next week.