Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yesterday was DH's birthday. We went to see the kids and daughter in law made cupcakes for DH's birthday. We picked up Nicholas at the bus stop. He didn't know we were coming, so that was a surprise for him. He seems to like school so far. He says that he got separated from the other kids at nap time, so I guess that means that he talks to them or bothers them in some way instead of being quiet and resting. LOL

The kids got their pictures made so I got some when were there yesterday. They couldn't get a picture without Emily laughing, so that's what they did. Ashley looks like she could have cared less what was going on.

I went to the library yesterday and picked up 4 books. I don't know what made me think that I would be able to get them all read in 2 weeks time. I should have gotten them before vacation when I the time to read.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another vacation finish

We went to the lake on Sunday and returned on Wed. afternoon. I was not impressed by the place that we stayed, but now we know.
Today I finished up LHN Ladybug, Ladybug. It's nice to have another finish.
I did manage to finish reading two books while on vacation this week also. One I was already in the process of reading and the other one I started on Sunday and finished last night.
Today is Nicholas's first day of school. I am anxious to talk to him and find out how his day went. He did miss the bus this morning because his Daddy didn't want to get out of bed this morning, so he had to take him to school. He will get to ride the bus home, which I know he was excited about.
We have really had some hot weather lately so I think it a great idea to just stay indoors and stitch or read.
Only a few days left of vacation, so hopefully I will get to do some more stitching and reading before Monday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yesterday I went to Daytime Stitchers group that meets the first Tuesday of the month and picked up some new charts at the LNS while there. I wanted a couple more of the Little House ones, but they are on order and they will hold them for me once they arrive.

I also picked up a piece of fabric out of their prepackaged scraps that will work for a LHN design that I wanted to start so that I could take a smaller piece to stitch on with me on vacation next week. It is Ladybug, Ladybug.

Today I received two pieces of fabric in the mail that I had ordered from Picture This Plus in July when they had a two day sale with 25% off. I received a piece of 32ct Legacy Lugana that I had planned for a Blackbird design, but now I'm not so sure because the color isn't what I expected and a piece of 32ct Relic Belfast linen. Not sure what I will stitch on this one, but it could be used for quite a few different things.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Here it is the weekend and it seems like it's been a long week for some reason. On Tuesday we went to see the grandkids and my DH's nephew and wife were here on vacation and they went with us. Mother in law also went with us. I was worn out after that! LOL

I had another starter of Amish Friendship bread and should have baked it yesterday, but I worked a night shift and didn't want to get up early to do it. I used chocolate pudding this time instead of the vanilla. Have to see how it turns out in a little bit.

One more week to work and I am on vacation again. We have a reservation at a resort at Lake of the Ozarks called Robin's Resort. We haven't ever stayed there so hopefully it will be nice. We are going to leave on Sunday and return home on Wednesday. They have wireless internet, so I can take my laptop and keep in touch. We have a 1 bedroom lakefront apartment so we will have a screened in porch with a view of the lake. Can't wait to go and just kick back and relax! It is also very close to the outlet mall that is at the lake, so I might do some shopping also.

Now it's time to relax until bedtime.