Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Tuesday

Today we have had some weird weather. I woke up to some snow flurries and a little snow on the ground. Now the sun is shining! Something we haven't seen in a while around these parts.

I am looking forward to visiting my daughter in AZ where I know the weather is better. We are planning a trip, leaving the last of Feb and staying a week, which will put us back in MO the first weekend in March. I plan on visiting The Attic a cross stitch store in Mesa while I am there and I bet they will have all kinds of goodies fresh from Market. I better save my pennies to spend! It will be my first vacation of 2010. I get 5 weeks this year and hope to enjoy everyone of them. In April I will be returning to Branson for the Spring retreat at Cecilias' stitching shop. We have a nice group from the St. Louis area that will be going, so I know it will be a great time!

I have been trying to not start any new stitching projects until I finish up some of the many that I have started. I have worked all month on Rachael Holmes 1842 until a few days ago. I pulled out This Is The Day which is a sampler from a JCS magazine. It's a nice change from the Rachael piece. The colors are brighter and no specialty stitches except for the over one part. Hopefully I can stick to my plans on finishing some works in progress before I get the bug to start something new.

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