Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Finish

I must be on a UFO kick. I pulled out one after my last finish and I have now finished it and now I am working on another one! Yesterday I finished PS 2005 Limited Edition Here Come Santa Claus kit. Now I am working on Hinzeit's Never Enough Time.

My oldest grandchild was registered for school this week. Where did the time go? I can still remember when he was born. Nicholas will be starting kindergarten on August 16. Hey, I will be on vacation that week, I could even be there for his first day if I wanted to. We usually see the kids on a Tues. which is our day off and now we will see Nicholas even less since he will be in school when we visit. Might have to change our day to visit to Sunday instead.

Some of my friends from an online group are getting together this weekend for a retreat. I was unable to go and just found out that another of the ladies had to cancel at the last minute because of the health of her parents. Connie really needed this get away and I fell so bad for her. She has really had to deal with a lot lately. I wish all my friends would pray for her and her parents. I wish all the other retreaters safe travels and a great weekend.


Melissa said...

Kathy-Congrats on another finish! I'm going to miss seeing you and everyone this weekend. My prayers are with Connie's family too.

Anonymous said...


This 2005 Prairie Schooler Santa from the kit is my favorite of the first three. Santa looks great! Frame it up and join me in stitching Santa 2006? I have 2007 finished and a set of three would sure look nice hanging together.

Stitch Santa and stay cool during the heat wave.