Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Here is an updated photo of the progress I have made on Ocean Daughter. I have really been making great progress on it this week.

I am off today (Saturday) which is really unusual. I was going to do some laundry but found I only had enough detergent to do one load, so guess I need to make a run to the store to get more-Darn! LOL That leaves more time to do some stitching on this rainy and overcast day. It is really starting to look like fall outside.

I picked up a new piece of linen at LNS on Tuesday to stitch Sea Stars on. Every time I stitched on it, I thought about how I didn't like the fabric and didn't want to put any more time into it since I wasn't happy with it. I picked up a very nice piece of 32ct Sand Belfast linen. Now I have to start it all over. I think I will start in the top left hand corner, so I won't be stitching the same motifs over again that I had already stitched. I thought that would be a better approach to it so that I wouldn't get bored doing the same parts over.

Found out that DS just got a promotion at work, so I am excited for him. It should really help them out since he will have better hours, more money and other nice perks.


Michelle said...

Laundry or stitching?? Hmmm, I think stitching sounds better! Your stitching is really pretty. The color is really rich looking!

Chelle said...

Kathy I can't believe the progress you've made on Ocean Daughter since the last time I saw it. Wowzer!

Melissa said...

Kathy-that looks great! I love this design a lot.

Sharon said...

Wow, Kathy she is beautiful. I love it. Best of luck to your son with his promotion.