Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday update

Here it is: Quaker Christmas. This is what I have been focusing on stitching wise. I finished up page one last night and have used 4 1/2 skeins of CC Balsam Fir floss.
I am really enjoying this piece.
This week has really been going fast. On Wednesday I went shopping all afternoon. I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet, but at least the grandkids are done and this morning I spent some time wrapping also. I really don't like to wrap. All that time spent wrapping it and in a few seconds it is all just trash! LOL
I finally found the laptop that I have been looking for and at the right price. So, I guess that is my Christmas present to me. I even picked up a wireless mouse for it this week while shopping. DH will take over the other one. DS really wanted me to sell it to him. He really needs a new one for work. He is saving up money and getting gift cards from Best Buy for Christmas and for his birthday in Jan. in hopes of purchasing a new one.
Have a great weekend!


mymarkdesigns said...

That's really pretty, Kathy :)

Sharon said...

Kathy, you have done such a wonderful job on this piece. It is gorgeous. Love your blog.