Sunday, December 23, 2007

Almost the big day!

Here it is the night before Christmas Eve. Hope you are ready for the big day! Today I spent the afternoon wrapping up everything that still needed to be wrapped. I have to work until Noon tomorrow and still need to pick up some gift cards, so as much as I hate to, I guess I am going to have to go do it.

The kids are visiting my DIL's parents in Leesburg,VA for Christmas and DD won't be home for Christmas this year either. On Christmas Eve we will be going to my MIL's and to my parents for Christmas Day with my brothers and their families. The kids should get back to our house sometime Wed. night and then we will have Christmas with them on Thursday. Hope we can hold the kids back that long.

I just want to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and hope that all of you have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.


mymarkdesigns said...

Merry Christmas, Kathy!

Susieq said...

Kathy, Merry Christmas!

Linda Morris said...

Merry Christmas, Kathy! I sure do love reading your blog. Hope you keep it up!