Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby News

Saturday I attended a baby shower for my niece. She is having a girl and is due on 12/02/07. There were a lot of people there and she received a lot of nice things. She said, now I am ready for her to be born. I just wanted to attend my baby shower before she was born. She was taking meds to help with the contractions she was having since she had fell. They were going to stop giving them to her at 37 wks. So on Sunday evening my Mom calls and says that her water broke and she was on the way to the hospital. My Mom was hoping that it would be born after midnight so that she would be born on her birthday. Well,she was! Olivia was born by C-section at 7:45am this morning. She weighted 5lbs and 3 ozs and is 19 inches long with light brown hair. My Mom is thrilled to have her 8th great grandchild born on her birthday. Now all my brothers are grandpas'.


monique said...

Congratulations! I like the name Olivia :)

Susieq said...

Congratulations! Isn't being a Great Aunt "GREAT". (I couldn't resist) I too like the name Olivia, it is so pretty.