Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Storm

We are expecting a winter storm starting overnight tonight through Wednesday. If only I didn't live within 2 miles of where I work. I will be expected to be there for sure. I am hoping that everyone has hit the store today and stocked up so that those who can't make it can stay home and be safe. At least I am off on Tuesday and hope to miss some of it.

I have been stitching on Ink Circles Winter Mandala most of the month and have made great progress on it, but I am ready to be done with it and move on to the next project. I will include a picture of it, but it's really wrinkled from stitching.

I also have a scan of my first finish of the year. Again it's not that good a picture, but you get the idea.

Hope all of you out there in blog land stay safe and I hope that I get to watch the storm from inside and spend time stitching and reading.

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