Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Friday

It's been a while since I have posted, so I guess I will catch you up on a few things.
DH's nephew has filed for a divorce. He is stationed in HI and would have been married for 2 yrs in July. So sad that it didn't last longer, but hopefully he will find happiness in the future.
DH is taking a new position. It's classified as a special project, but he won't be working at his store for several months. It's Monday- Friday, so he will now have weekends off and no nights, but of course I won't. LOL
DD's future FIL had a heart attack while visiting her and her Fiance in AZ, 3 weeks after having had bypass surgery. He was cleared to fly and they thought everything was all right, but apparently it wasn't. He has now returned home & is doing better.
My three grand kids are all adorable. Nicholas will be finishing kindergarten next month. Hopefully Emily will be potty trained soon and Ashley is learning to walk. All are well.
Stitching wise, I have been rotating a few projects each week. On Mondays, I work on a new project for the week. The ones I have been working on are: Quaker Mystery Sampler, Needleprints-Sarah Moon and Quaker Christmas.

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